Former Nagasaki Higher Commercial School Gatekeeper’s Station | グラバー園公式ウェブサイト

Former Nagasaki Higher Commercial School Gatekeeper’s Station


This small building once stood near the entrance of the Nagasaki Higher Commercial School. The Japanese government established the school in 1905―it was the fourth commercial school in the country after Kobe, Tokyo, and Yamaguchi. Students were enrolled in a three-year program including courses on international business. Students entered the gate, crossed the Komaneki Bridge, and walked past this gatehouse at the end of the bridge. As is typical of Japanese architecture in the early 1900s, the building incorporates both Western and Japanese elements. Although the building’s exterior is Western in design, its floor is made of tatami mats. In 1949, the school was incorporated into the Nagasaki University Faculty of Economics and ceased to exist as a separate institution. In 1976, the gatehouse was donated to Glover Garden and moved to its present site.